HDTV Programs?

What Is There To Watch On HDTV?

There are a growing number of programs to watch in HDTV, especially now that DTV Transition has taken place. All of the major networks: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, and PBS broadcast a growing portion of their schedules in HDTV. Here is a list of TV stations broadcasting in DTV or HDTV. If your favorite local station is not on the list, give them a call to find out their current status with regards to DTV or HDTV.

In addition, Discovery, Showtime, HBO, HDnet, TBS, TNT, ESPN, and FOX Sports, and even the CNN and FOX news channels have HDTV signal feeds. As a result, almost all cable systems around the country are now providing HDTV cable service, including systems owned by COX, Comcast, Cablevision, and Time Warner (Check with your local cable company for service in your area).

Also, with the changeover from analog to digital-only television broadcasting that occurred in 2009, local stations are getting onboard with an increasing number broadcasting their local news programs in high definition.

The two main satellite service providers, DirecTV and DishNetwork offer a growing number HDTV channels as well. Check with your satellite service for information on channels and any additional fees.

However, although there is quite of bit of programming available in HDTV, accessing the programming can be frustrating for some consumers.

For example, local HDTV broadcasts are available over-the-air via antenna, but your local cable outlet may not be passing all those signals through your cable system.

In addition, although Satellite offers the most HDTV programming (via sport channels and movie channels), they may not offer as much in the way of local or network HDTV programming. Although this is changing fast.

Then, there is the issue of pricing. Some cable systems offer some basic HDTV services for no extra charge, but most offer an HDTV tier of local channels and movie channels for an extra fee, and some often charge extra on top of that for services such as ESPN-HD and Discovery-HD, and, of course, any HD movie channels. HDTV is still going through growing pains, despite the DTV transition. There definitely needs to be continuous improvement in the consistency of channel and program offerings, as well as pricing.

Also, now that we have executed the DTV Transition that occurred on June 12, 2009, all analog television broadcasts are now turned off (with some specific exceptions), so all full-powered television stations are now broadcasting digitally.

A very useful resource to find out what HD channels are available in your area, whether over-the-air, cable, or satellite, check out Where is HD?. Also, check out a comprehensive daily listing of what is being shown in HDTV.

Upscaling DVD Players, Blu-ray, and HD-DVD

In addition to HDTV television shows, another way to get the most out of your HDTV is with an Upscaling DVD player, or a Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD player (for those that still own an HD-DVD player). Upscaling DVD players have the ability to match the pixel resolution of a standard DVD to that of your HDTV. Although this is not the same as watching your DVD in true high definition, you will see a definite improvement in the image quality of your DVDs when played on an upscaling DVD player through an HDTV.

For more details on what DVD Upscaling is and how it works with HDTVs, check out my article: DVD Video Upscaling - Important Facts.

As mentioned in the above paragraph, as good as DVD upscaling is, what you really need to enjoy pre-recorded video in true high definition is a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player connected to your HDTV. For more details on this new way to enjoy to the most out of your HDTV - check out my articles: Blu-ray and HD-DVD - What You Need to Know, Blu-ray and HD-DVD FAQs. and Before You Buy a Blu-ray or HD-DVD Player.